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So Good You Can’t Tell the Difference!

  • Just Like Chicken
    Nuggets 250g

    Veggies in Disguise


  • Just Like Mutton
    Samosa 250g

    Tongue-twister samosas


  • Just Like Chicken
    Hot & Spicy Nuggets 250g

    Hot! Hot! Hot!


  • Just Like Chicken
    Shami Kebabs 250g

    Herbs turned kebabs!


  • Document

    "A novel brand that focuses on plant based meat products for Indian palate - 100% vegetarian products, taste smell and texture of shami kebabs , nuggets and samosas is brilliant, bang on meaty flavours"

    ~ Preeti

    "What I tried and loved the most were shami kebabs. It’s actually tough to distinguish and say these are vegetarian - once you relish them you will start loving them undoubtedly"

    ~ Amrita

    "It tastes incredible and the best part - it's plant-based meat. I can’t believe these just-like-mutton samosas are not made of real mutton!! Couldn’t taste better"

    ~ Zubair

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